With over 3 years experience in Digital Marketing, I have worked with small e-commerce and start-ups business and also, large e-commerce businesses.


Without the large agencies fees and complicated contracts, working with me will mean, personalised service, weekly reports and contract flexibility.

I will help you maximise results and plan your budget to bring results.


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    Grow Your Business

    Digital Marketing strategy

    By choosing the right business model, where the vision is clear and the processes are in place, utilizing automation to maximize growth and the power of social media platforms to reach millions, you can literally escalate your business to millions. 

    Strategy is the most powerful tool your business need to grow strong. A well designed digital marketing strategy will match your brand, with the right digital advertising platforms and maximise your advertising investment and return. It goes way beyond digital marketing advertising, it aligns the vision with the goals, the path and the results.

    ​Book a free consultation call and let's discuss your visions and your business' needs, so we can create a strategy that drives results.

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    Get Found

    Google advertising

    There are many aspects of a successful Google Advertising campaign: SEO, Keywords, Ad Groups, Display, Search, Remarketing campaigns, Landing Pages,  and so on.


    Our job is to make it simple for you and bring results.


    Affordable Google Advertising, weekly managed, no long term contracts, customized services.


    From set up to weekly and monthly reports, suggestions, and all you need.​

    Contact us today for a quote - uandi@uandi-marketing.com

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    Find New Customers

    facebook advertising

    Facebook Ads are short and to the point. The main aspect to a successful Facebook Ad is to get the first click as most of the time, not to say, at all times, you are in front of what we call 'cold lead'.

    To summarise, you need the right ad, in front of the right person, at the right time, speaking directly to them, no guess work. 

    Again, we will make it easy for you to understand, and work hard to have it performed as easily as it sounds.

    Facebook Ads can reach hundreds of thousands of people. And, that's what we can do.

    Contact us today for a quote - uandi@uandi-marketing.com


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E-Commerce Sales Specialist

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E-Commerce Store

shopify Store

Are you starting a new online store, or simply need to revamp your current store?

Have you gone through Shopify and decided for it, or need to discuss it further?

Shopify is growing to be the biggest e-Commerce store and the easiest to manage. This is ideal for any size businesses, from start-ups to multi-million dollar online businesses. From design to operations training we will create your store and assist with growing it, if that is what you need. 

Is it the right time to discuss it? 

Contact us today on uandi@uandi-marketing.com

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