Nurturing relationships with your leads/clients

Here I am talking online.

Before we even get to that, let me ask you a question? Do you remember why you wanted to start your business?

I will give you three options and let me know which one is you.

1. You wanted to help people

2. You wanted to make money

3. You wanted freedom

Why am I asking you this here?

Well, because everytime you send any message to your clients you need to ask yourself these questions first. Is this going to help them? Is this going to generate me money? Is this providing me with the freedom to serve many people?

With that in mind, I will continue on nurturing relationships with your leads and clients.

Maintaining a good relationship with your clients means helping them solving a problem. They need to know you first understand their problem and that you understand their goals, desires, wants and dreams. Then, you can show them you have the vehicle to help them get there. Here I am talking either products or services. This is about helping them. Because this is what you are doing, you can even e-mail your leads once a day, and they won't mind.

However, you need to educate them in the value to have their desires and wants achieved, as that will influence the value they will link to your product and service. You must have that crystal clear before any communication.

With that in mind, you can communicate with thousands of people daily through e-mail marketing and still have the freedom you need, help people and make money.

e-mail marketing essentials
E-mail marketing, where to start from?

So, think about your answer at the beginning and ask yourself if what doesn't come naturally to you is also covered in your communication with your leads and clients.

By Savia Arbuckle

Marketing and Business Coach

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