Does Social Media work?

Your business may not be in every single social media platform. When you work in one of them at a time, your chances to get it working for you will increase. Unless, you are hiring others to test it for you.

Every social media channel is extremely rich in data, however unless you learn how to understand and interpreter the data, you will be missing in possibly all its potential.

Therefore, the secret is to master one of them first (it doesn't really matter which), as soon as you are analysing data and testing what the audience is responding to.

As it is a social platform you may want to be away from pushy sales and start interacting to educate potential customers and clients and get feedback. However, conversion needs to be your focus.

What to do?

Create a funnel. Use the Social Media platform to drive clients and customers and then, bring them to your world (landing page, website, e-mail list subscription) whatever works best.

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