Client Avatar?

Same as branding, knowing exactly who your ideal clients are before you adventure online is very important. Most business owners think this is impossible. However, this is essential and you must understand the concept behind this exercise before you spend any more money on marketing.

Online or Offline, your business will not serve everyone. There are enough business for all sorts of different clients out there.And, you just need to understand your clients, not everybody.

Once you know how and who your business serve, then you got a great chance to start right.

Your marketing material will speak to that client/customer directly, making their experience with your business, a remarkable one.

What are the things to consider?

- pricing

- location

- lifestyle

- taste

- problem you are fixing

- how you are delivering your services/products

- pre-knowledge your client need to have before they can become one of your clients

For example:

Dior could dress everybody. Everybody needs clothing, they make clothing. Right? No, wrong. There is a taste element, there is lifestyle, there is pricing, there is the 'where to wear' factor and, so on. If they don't think of the exactly people they would sell to, they would be advertising to the wrong audience and never get any business.

Now, your turn... Let us know, who is your ideal target.

marketing, find your audience
The closer you get to your target audience, bigger your chances to succeed.

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