Branding - Who are you?

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Your Branding will set the tone for any communication with your audience and any potential client, weather offline or online.

When offline, you consider your physical space, how you interact with your prospects and clients, how you present your services and/or products, how you deliver them and what you do after the sale is completed. It all impacts in your branding. What do customers remember from the interaction they had with your business?

Online is the same, but you will be interacting with many more people. There is a great chance that many of these people will not be ready to buy from you, so you will have to be patient, informative, have clear written message and provide value before they can purchase from you. All that is to build trust with your brand.

Things to consider:


Social Media channels

Google or other search engines

Online Engagement

E-mail marketing

Ways they can try your products before buying them

After sales

Sales leader (what else they can get from your business)


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