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The '' way to scale your online store.

Scaling an online store is not only increasing advertising budget but also making sure the online store is ready to receive traffic and integrate the information well with the traffic drivers. 

If your store has reached a point of stagnation, we will be help to assess its ability and readiness to scale and expand. 

We offer the latest in traffic conversion to grow online stores. We focus on driving qualified traffic and assess the store to absolve the most profit possible, while offering a great customer experience. 

The U and I - Marketing way, hands-on 'done with you' service.


Digital Marketing 


No more reactive advertising

A clear strategy will allow you to focus on what's important, serving your customers.

Once you have a strategy with enough data to back it up, you will know how to project your business forward.

Make sure to have a strategy before advertising.

Need To Be Found? Google Ads

Essential for e-commerce and local businesses

Google Advertising captures warm leads. If your campaigns are well aligned with your customers needs you are a step ahead in the game.

But that is not all. The right keywords, ad groups and type of advertising (search, dynamic display, remarketing, shopping, lead generation) are also important.

Need New Customers? Facebook Ads

Expert Guidance

Need an Online Store?

Shopify Store.

Shopify Store Set Up and Management

Facebook advertising has a great space, knowing that millions of people are on Facebook and Instagram daily.

Not limited to e-commerce, Facebook can build brand awareness, capture leads, expose your products and services to a total new audience. When using the right strategy, Facebook/Instagram advertising can bring a wealth of opportunities to your business.

Are you starting a new online store, or simply need to revamp your current store?

Have you gone through Shopify and decided for it, or need to discuss it further?

Shopify is growing to be the biggest e-Commerce store and the easiest to manage. This is ideal for any size businesses, from start-ups to multi-million dollar online businesses.

We would love to discuss it with you.

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We are here to help you build the bridge and expand your business. From Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Advertising, Guidance on Landing Pages, E-mail Marketing setting up and managing your Shopify Store, we got your sorted. Fill out the form below to set up an online call today.

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